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Vintage Fans Warehouse
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The Vintage Fans Warehouse is our digital showroom of antique and vintage electric fans that are available for purchase immediately. On the "racks", you will find everything from unrestored vintage ceiling and desk fans, special museum/or collector fans, consignment antique electric fans, and antique electric fans that have been serviced or fully restored. We will offer antique and vintage electric fans that are in various conditions and we will note the full description in the listing, along with any particulars about each fan represented. Any of our unrestored electric fans will have the option of our range of services for an additional fee or feel free to purchase them as they are. Please check back often as the warehouse inventory will feature new listings frequently. We also have a limited parts selection as well as custom designed clothing.

Fidelity Electric Company, Lancaster, PA., U.S.A.

A seldom seen 19teens era tab base 12"electric fan featuring a thin "Pancake" style motor. This Fidelity features an amazing original Japan enamel finish. A spectacular "collector fan" that is hard to locate today. Runs on three speeds. Unrestored Condition. SOLD plus s/h.

Emerson Electric MFG. Company,

ST. Louis, MO., U.S.A.

Two historic 12"brass electric fans with incredible ties to the JFK Assassination. Both are from the estate of Lee Harvey Oswald's chief interrogator, FBI Agent James Bookhout. The 1906 ca. Emerson Type 1510 and 1913 ca. Type 14646 have had extensive Electrical-Mechanical Services at our shop. Own a Rare Piece of U.S. History.SOLD

Menominee Electric MFG. Company, Menominee, MI.,U.S.A.
This exceptional Japan enamel original finish 1915-18ca. Menominee is their rare 12""Residential Oscillator". This particular fan features their unique oscillator transmission, "Snowflake Pancake" motor and heavy thick solid brass, blade, guard and struts. One of the nicest collector fans we have had in our inventory. Running Unrestored SOLD plus s/h

Emerson Electric MFG. Company, ST.Louis, MO., U.S.A.
1915-18 ca.12" Emerson Type 19666 features a nice original finish. This unrestored brass blade and guard fan needs servicing to replace the deteriorated motor head wire. The original baked enamel will clean up .Unrestored, but running on all speeds. Solid brass original wing nuts for tilting the motor. Easily converts to wall mounting.  SOLD plus s/h.
Emerson Electric MFG. Company, ST.Louis, MO., U.S.A.
This 12" Emerson Type 24666 is an unrestored "Residential Oscillator" of 1919 ca. unrestored brass blade, cast iron hub and steel guard transition model with wide base and large motor. Unrestored, but running on all speeds. Readily converts to wall mount position. The top of the line in the 1920 Emerson line. SOLD plus s/h.

General Electric Company

An example of an early 12" Tri blade Vortalex "Super Quiet" fan, circa 1939-40.

G.E. continued their previous model's "Quiet Fan" slide switch in this early Vortalex. Clean lines, runs smooth on all speeds, but unrestored condition. Complete original fan and super runner once serviced. Nice Oscillator. Wall mountable .SOLD plus s/h.

Emerson Electric MFG. Company, ST.Louis, MO., U.S.A.
1950 ca. Very nice original finish 12" Emerson Type 79646-AX and one the work horses of the Emerson line ca. 1940s and 50s. Complete Vintage Fans ? Electrical-Mechanical Service Restoration guarantees she is ready for service. 3 speed, full oscillation, and wall mountable with warranty SOLD plus s/h.

General Electric Company

An original example of a 12" G.E. circa 1931 that was originally used in Cincinnati's historic Hotel Alms. This hotel fan still has the partial inventory decal from the Alms Hotel on the side of the motor. We performed our Electrical-Mechanical Service Restoration on her and she passed the Morgan Nickel test while oscillating. 3 speed oscillator, original finish .Ready for Service with warranty. Wall mountable. SOLD plus s/h.

Emerson Electric MFG. Company, ST.Louis, MO., U.S.A.
Original Finish 16 " Emerson Type 77648 with our complete electrical-mechanical service restoration and ready for use. Deep pitched overlapping blades move high volumes of air. Emerson sold many of these for commercial applications and it will provide the same great service today. Convertible to wall mounting. Includes our Warranty SOLD plus s/h
Emerson Electric MFG. Company, ST.Louis, MO., U.S.A.
Original 1960 ca. 12" Emerson Type 77646-SU has been through our complete Electrical-Mechanical Service Restoration while the original finish was preserved. Some paint loss on base around the rear. Emerson's top of the line oscillator from the 1940s through the 60s.Readily converts to wall mount position. Ready for use with our unbeatable warranty.SOLD plus s/h.