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While the condition of the hotel today is a sad reality for the once palatial structure, perhaps restoration may take place if funds can be secured to do so. The Hotel Grim would be a restored jewel for Arkansas, as well as, Texas should that occur. One image that particularly caught our interest was one that clearly shows one of the original Emerson 32” type 35661 ceiling fans that has hung in place since Buhrman-Pharr Hardware Company, supplied them for installation, 85 years ago.

This clearly substantiates the accuracy of the article as the Emerson Monthly claimed in August of 1925.  Another interesting bit of information that can be gleaned is that the article clearly states that the 12” Emerson Type 71666 oscillating (six blade brass) desk fans were used in the hotel for smaller rooms, a model we suspected was used in finer hotels of the era. The article used the adjectives “special quiet” in describing the fans and it demonstrates that Emerson intended to specifically market the sale of the Type 71666 to finer hotels, homes, and businesses that would benefit from the finer finish and refined performance provided by the six pole motors. The article also clearly states that in August of 1925, the “French Gray” finish,  a blend of off white and light gray, that was offered on the type 71666, was a new finish, something we have speculated since finding an earlier twin blade logo version of the fan several years ago. This Fitzgeraldish finish creates a look and style that Jay Gatsby himself would have fancied. The finish creates an “aristocratic” flair that greatly contradicts the typical utilitarian appearance found on other model desk fans during the era. For a grand hotel such as the Hotel Grim, the French Gray type 71666, oscillating 6 blade desk fans, would have been a finishing touch that complimented the décor of elegance.

The Hotel Grim was indeed a stationary Titanic of her day, especially for a smaller city in the South.  Hopefully, her descent into irreversible decay can be halted, before she slips into the abyss. How grand would it be to once again hear the Jazz age trumpets blow through the night as the roof top garden hosted another ballroom gala? One thing’s for sure, can supply her with the same fans that kept things cool on hot summer nights so long ago. More than likely, we have some of hers in inventory.