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The Emerson Monthly August 1925,
Hotel Grim, Texarkana, Arkansas


Texarkana’s Hotel Grim was all the buzz in the Emerson Monthly of August of 1925. The new hotel was destined to become one of the Texarkana’s most majestic hotels as it hosted some of the cities grandest events, including an inaugural gala that was sold out. In the 1930s, it was said to have hosted one of the country’s most notorious pair of outlaws, Bonnie and Clyde, who reportedly visited when Bonnie ate a sandwich at one of the hotel’s cafes. While the hotel boast it share of history, it also featured some of Emerson Electric’s newest model fans for 1925. This made it one of the most comfortable hotels to stay at during the hot summer months that plague the South. Our original Emerson Monthly Vol.22, No. 8, featured the hotel with a magnificent description, the likes of which make historians giddy with delight.

Emerson introduced the article by thanking the hotel management for the illustration of the hotel appearing on the front cover of. Emerson then states that the Grim is “Texarkana’s newest hotel, a triangular structure eight stories high with a roof garden and basement; it fronts State line, Third and Pine, three of the principal streets in the city. Stores occupy part of the main floor and basement and the lobby, main dining-room, coffee shop and refreshment shop are also located on the main floor. The mezzanine floor has private dining rooms, ladies smoking-room and beauty parlor and the manager’s office is also located on this floor.  On the next five floors, are located the bedrooms, the layout of each floor being identical.  On each floor there are two special suites with single and double bedrooms. There are in all one hundred ninety-two bedrooms, one hundred forty-five with private baths.” 

Such a complete description would not be complete for a fan company of the era had it not included the next few paragraphs. These old catalogs prove to be a very reliable source of information, in all areas of architectural history, but we were especially excited to learn the information Emerson generously included in the paragraphs that follow.

“Every bedroom in the Hotel Grim is equipped with an Emerson fan. Special quiet four blade, 52” sweep fans type 47641 were supplied for the corner suites while Emerson six-blade 32” sweep fans type 35661 and special quiet 12” oscillating fans type 71666 in the new French gray finish furnish coolness for the smaller rooms. Specially attractive roof gardens are a feature of the Hotel Grim.
The open roof garden has a tile floor and is decorated to represent a flower garden, with swings, benches and shaded tables. The enclosed roof garden has hardwood floors for dancing and the hotel management has installed a number of Emerson ceiling fans to ensure coolness.  The sale of Emerson fans to the Hotel Grim was handled by the Buhrman-Pharr Hardware Company, Emerson distributors at Texarkana.”

As if this information were not enough, in preparing for this article, we learned how accurate our 1925 Emerson Monthly actually was. On the web, we located several images of the Hotel Grim, as it appears today. The best site by far for images can be found here:

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