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*Make a Wish 1969 Charger Project
for Ronni Steves*

by Mark Neeley 

Ronni Steves of Williamson, New York came to my attention as I read the June 2009 issue of Mopar Collectors Guide which featured a story about her entitled “Wish Upon A Charger”. Ronni has been diagnosed with leukemia. Her condition was the reason she was placed with the Make a Wish Foundation, which many of you have heard of. They make dreams come true for critically ill and terminally ill children. The story explained that when Ronni, 15, was given the opportunity to ask for almost anything she wanted, she asked for a 1969 Dodge Charger.  The Make a Wish Foundation located a ’69 Charger in Phoenix, but the car is a project car that is in need of a full restoration. It was missing the engine, transmission, interior glass and wiring.  Make a Wish is a charity that relies on donations to grant their wishes. Once the Charger was located Bob Andrews, a retired investigator for the New York State Attorney General’s Office and Mike Meeks a City of Rochester Fireman spearheaded this project. The car is still not complete and much more work needs to be done in terms of parts, labor and donations to enable this ‘69 Charger to live once again, and this time its for Ronni.

 After I read the article, I gave Mike a call and asked him what I could do. He told me that he has a list of parts that are still needed and donations could be made in Ronni’s name for the project at the Wayne County Children’s Cancer Fund if someone wanted to donate money instead of parts. We chatted about some of the Charger’s parts that he knew off the top of his head that were still needed.  I asked him how Ronni was doing and he said she was actually with him at Legendary Auto Interiors and then he said do you want to talk to her. I said yes and I asked Ronni how she was doing. She said “great” and she said “Thank you so much” for helping with the project. I told her to hang in there, keep her chin up and we were going to get that Charger going. I also explained to her that I had a 1969 Dodge Charger when I was her age that created memories for me that led to the purchase of a 1968 Charger that I own today. Ronni just kept thanking me and I could tell that she is one brave and very grateful young lady. The Mopar Collector’s Guide article explained that Ronni had recently had another bone marrow treatment and that through it all she has remained positive to the core. Her attitude had inspired those working on the project to put in overtime on it. I could tell that she is a special girl and I am thankful that I read the article and actually had the chance to talk to her.  I asked Mike if I could place this on my company website in our Newsletter and also on our blog and he replied “Yes” enthusiastically. I told him that we reach a lot of good folks and I am sure that when they learn about this worthy cause they would want an opportunity to help make Ronni’s wish appear. We live in the greatest country in the world and we need to make this happen quickly. Ronni and her family are in our prayers. If you have parts, talent, time, or funds that you would like to donate to this very worthy cause, please do so by contacting Mike Meeks at 585-330-1618. Contact the Wayne County Children’s Cancer Fund online at

Donations should be marked for Ronni Steves to:

Wayne County Children’s Cancer Fund
P.O. Box 61
Sodus, N.Y. 14551    


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