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The Journey - page 2
By Valerie McGiboney

When I returned home at the end of my day, my husband could see I was a bit overwhelmed to say the least. How was I ever going to learn everything that Mark knows?, I said. How can I ever measure up to his expectations?? After all, I’m not just another employee, I’m his SISTER, I said! My husband lovingly tried to find a way to make me feel more comfortable. He told me to go to work the following morning and greet all of these magnificent fans as though they were my children. He said each one had a different ‘face’ and as the proud Mom of 3, he knew this would be a way I might better relate to this new challenge I was facing.

Though it might sound silly, this is exactly what I did. I walked the floor alone, quietly looking up and all around at their ceiling fan faces, desk fan faces…all so different. I began to think about them almost as though they had souls. After all, these beauties had seen so much life; some dating back to the late 1800’s. Each could tell many stories, I thought. And under the ever careful skill of my brother and his team, they will live for many generations to come, see many more lifetimes and tell many more stories. I began challenging myself to come up with anything that could compare in terms of their longevity, and not only to live such a long life, but to do so with such grace and style and all the while being so completely functional. As I pondered these thoughts over and over, I began to understand my brother’s passion for his beloved inventory and why every little detail is so important. He views them almost reverently.

Although I have only been here a short time, I have come a long way from that first day, at least personally speaking! I look at the ‘fan children’ with such respect and continue to learn about their individual marvelous past’s daily. I have had the delightful opportunity to converse with many of Vintage Fan’s clients and find they too are very passionate and so appreciative of the uniqueness of their valued purchases.

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