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The Journey
By Valerie McGiboney

I am the newest employee at Vintage Fans and as if learning all of the many intricacies there are to know about vintage and antique fans were not enough, (and there are a LOT), I have the added pressure of being the owner’s sister! When making the decision to join my Brother Mark’s company, I felt without a doubt that I belonged here and I couldn’t wait to work alongside my brother. How hard could this be, I asked myself. The beloved fans that adorn every room of my house I have cherished for years. Each of them with their own personality, beauty—all gifts of love from my brother. Thus, shortly after the holidays I embarked on this new venture.

After 20 years in the hospitality industry and in the midst of mid-life, I arrived for my first day with Vintage Fans. My brother greeted me proudly with open arms. ‘This is just wonderful’, I thought to myself. As Mark showed me around-- pointing out the many different styles, models, types, makes and years of his extensive antique and vintage fan inventory, I began feeling a little nervous. Many were in various stages of restoration and using one fan as an example he explained the steps that must take place with each and every project.

Although I had so appreciated the beauty and functionality of my own fans he had given me through the years, it was clear I had no idea the time and care and numerous hours he spent to restore them. I had always known my brother was extremely passionate about his craft, but this was very intimidating.

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