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Historic Fan Photo!
The Majestic Theatre Fort Worth, TX 1911c.

We believe this is the second Majestic Theatre in Fort Worth, TX that opened in 1911. The interesting interior shot shows the "Smoking Garden". As interesting as the image is, the accompanying text used to describe the room is outstanding. It states " This room is so illuminated as to give the effect of twilight. It is surounded by a stone wall which in turn is surmounted by a hand-painted frieze representing a formal landscape. Overhead the scene is obscured by a pergola which in turn is covered with a luxuriant growth of vines, growing from white birchwood boxes.

All comforts and conveniences for the smoker have been provided. Leading off of this room is the gentlemen's retiring room." Wow! Not bad for Cowtown", which a mere 9 years earlier had played host to Butch Cassidy and the rest of the Wild Bunch when they made their famous photo shot that plastered their mugs all over the country. The photo goes on to state that "the Majestic cost $300,000. 00 and is a Absolutly Fireproof" it also heralds it as the "Finest Theatre West of New York" .

There is a good reason that they were promoting this theatre, as Fort Worth was booming in the cattle industry with the stockyards luring enterprising cattlemen to the city for business. The town was touted as the Western Wall Street with the money that was trading hands. The photo also proves that not all ornamental settings had ornamental ceiling fans. Clearly showing a 1910c. Emerson Trojan Type 8014 or possibly Emerson made Wesco Type 8014 version. Emerson marketed this model for areas where ornamental design was not needed.

The "Smoking Garden" at the Majestic could have used numerous ornametal fans at the time, including an Emerson ornamental Type 3012 or 3014. There is a strong possiblity the fan could be a Wesco version as the Wesco Supply Company had a division office in Fort Worth. Our 1909-10c. Wesco Supply Company catalog list the price at $55.00 which was possibly a wholesale price to jobbers. This photo provides an excellent history lesson on "period correctness". Sometimes an ornametal room might opt for a non-ornamental ceiling fan.