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1908 GE 12" Antique Desk Fan

1908 General Electric Company, U.S.A., 12" Antique Desk Fan

General Electric's early 1908 model desk fan would be the end of the line for a model that could trace its lineage to 1894. The early 1908 model is believed to have only been manufactured for a few months when a new twin bearing design was introduced to replace it. The early 1908 model featured " modern" for the era styling that had eliminated the earlier fluted and half fluted base in favor of a smoother design.

This particular 1908 G.E. desk fan includes all original parts including the often missing 5 speed rotary General Electric switch. This fan runs on all 5 speeds in its present condition. Available from AS/IS Unrestored to our Premium Full Restoration. A restored example of this model is located in our Gallery.


Some of the features of the 1908 General Electric Antique Desk Fan include:

  • Dimensions- 12" Blade Diameter
  • Cast Iron Frame and Motor Housing
  • Spring Tension Oil Wick System that Continuously Circulates Oil to the Motor Shaft.
  • Solid Brass Blade, Brass Guard, and Brass Trim
  • 5 speed
  • Yoke Allows Motor to Tilt
1908 GE 12" Antique Desk Fan
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1908 GE 12" Antique Desk Fan
1908 GE 12" Antique Desk Fan
1908 GE 12" Antique Desk Fan


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