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1920-1933c. Hunter 52" Type C-17 Antique Ceiling Fan

1920-1933c. The Hunter Fan and Motor Company, Fulton, N.Y. ,U.S.A. 52" Type C-17 Antique Hunter Ceiling Fan, Fully Restored, Preserved Finish with Original Wing Tip Blades

If one fan could be considered the fan called the Granddaddy of the Hunter line, it could be argued that this is it. The Hunter C-17 was without a doubt the workhorse for the company in the 1920s and early 30s. No other fan is most likely as recognizable through the decades as this one model and its offspring.

Its popularity encouraged Hunter to continued to make similar models through the decades that followed. The Hunter R-52 and H-52 models are direct descendents of the C-17. You might recognize similar style models that Hunter has marketed in the past 35 years that looks similar, but not exact to the C-17.

The C-17 is interesting in that they made the model in the standard style as as shown and also offered it, at least for a short while in an ornamental style that featured grape leaves and vines highlighting its bottom plate and side ornaments. The C-17 was also sold to other fan companies that marketed them as their own, including having their name applied to the motor tag. Probably the most famous company to label this model with their own badge was the Western Electric Company, but we have heard of others as well and happen to own a scarce Peerless version.

The featured fan was preserved in the original gunmetal finish and was one of a pair that we restored for our client's new custom home. We have the American made originals in stock, including several C-17s and its later siblings the H-52/R-52 Hunters in our vast unrestored inventory. Own the authentic legend that built a great American fan company in the last century. Some of the features of this model include:

  • Dimensions- 10" length x 12" diameter.
  • Cast Iron Frame and Motor Housing.
  • Oil Bath Lubrication System Continuously Bathes the Motor Shaft in a Curtain of Oil.
  • Thrust Bearing Design is Immersed in Oil at All Times.
  • The Granddaddy of the Hunter Line
  • Available with Custom Fabricated Light Attachment
  • Electrolier Arms.
  • Solid State Speed Control Allows for a Variety of Speeds.

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