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1916-1925c. Hunter 52" Type C-18

1916-1925c. The Hunter Fan and Motor Company, Fulton, N.Y. ,U.S.A. 52" Type C-18 Antique Hunter Ceiling Fan, Fully Restored, Original Finish Preserved

Introduced in 1916c., Hunter designed the 52" Type C-18 " Hunter Adjustable" with a unique device that allows the blades to reverse pitch in unison even while the fan is in motion. Actually by 1916, this idea was old news as Hunter had implemented this idea years before on their original Tuerk type A ceiling fan.

A period trade magazine article proclaims that the fan will " blow the air either upward or downward and which can be adjusted so as to make the air current stong or moderated.

The adjustments can be made while the fan is in motion without screwdriver or any other tool." Obviously Hunter was one of the first manufacterers to recognize a potential(both useful and marketable) for moving the air toward the ceiling, thus producing a general circulation especially during specific times of the year when a stong draft is not needed.

Around 1916, in nearly all cases to produce this effect, one needed to change the brackets to left hand pitch models or one was limited to purchasing a fan that had a hinge on the bracket allowing it to pitch either left or right.

The introduction of this model allowed the user to raise or lower the blades in a few seconds. Hunter would continue this theme and improve on the idea with the introduction of the variable pitch models of the 30s,40s, and 50s and on becoming one of the largest and most respected fan manufacturing companys
in the world.

The featured fan is one that was owned by a client in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We restored this fan with a goal of preserving the original finish if possible. We were able to reach our goal because the fan's finish had been concealed (and protected) for many years under several layers of paint.

Out of the 300 hundred Hunters in our unrestored inventory, we usually have
less than five examples of this particular model at any given time. Please contact us for availability.

Some of the features of this model include:

• Dimensions- 10" length x 12" diameter.
• Cast Iron Frame and Motor Housing.
• Oil Bath Lubrication System Continuously Bathes the Motor Shaft in a Curtain of Oil.
• Thrust Bearing Design is Immersed in Oil at All Times.
• Unique Adjustable Blade Pitch Mechanism.
• Available with Custom Fabricated Light Attachment Electrolier Arms.
• Solid State Speed Control Allows for a Variety of Speeds.

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