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1920c. General Electric 52" Ceiling Fan

1920c. General Electric Company of Schenectady, N.Y., U.S.A. 52" Antique Ceiling Fan

General Electric's effort to market their ceiling and desk fans so that they were unmistakably recognizable at first glance culminated in their decision to paint their fans dark green in about 1920. A risky decision considering 99% of the early electric fan market consisted of the traditional black painted finish.

The 1921 General Electric "Catalogue" shows this model available in green enamel for the price of $72.00, a hefty sum in those days. For an additional charge, G.E. would paint the 3/4 inch down rod enamel green to match. This model's design was so efficient and well received that it enjoyed a long tenure in the G.E. line up, being produced in similar form from 1909 through the 1920s.

We restored this legendary model back to its traditional green finish for a celebrity musician's studio in Los Angeles, California. Some of its features are:

  • Dimensions- 12" length x 11" motor diameter
  • Cast Iron Frame and Motor Housing Construction.
  • Oil Bath Lubrication System Continuously Bathes the Motor Shaft in a Curtain of Oil.
  • Thrust Bearing Design is Immersed in Oil at All Times.
  • Clean Smooth Design for the Modern age of the 1920s.
  • Dark Green finish to preserve General Electric's Unique Color campaign.
  • Solid State Speed Control Allows for a Variety of Speeds
1920 ge 52" ceiling fan
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1920 ge 52" ceiling fan
1920 ge 52" ceiling fan
1920 ge 52" ceiling fan
1920 ge 52" ceiling fan
1920 ge 52" ceiling fan


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