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1920-29c. Emerson 32" Antique Ceiling Fan

1920-29c. Emerson Electric Company of ST.Louis, MO., U.S.A. 32" Antique Ceiling Fan, Copper Oxide

Emerson Electric Company introduced this model, the type 35661 sometime around 1920c. They referred to it as their "ornamental type" 32 inch ceiling fan in period literature. It was a very successful model and that might be partially due to its popularity in the hotel industry.

We know of several that have been purchased through the years that had been originally installed in hotels. Its success is most likely also due to the fact that it is an outstanding fan. The type 35661 was available with a factory school house light globe fitter or with the standard oil cup, which also allowed for individual electrolier arms to be attached if needed.

This model was designed to produce a breeze almost directly beneath it, rather than a general circulation produced by the larger style ceiling fans. This feature makes this model ideal for a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or porch area.

The Emerson type 35661 shown here was finished in faded copper oxide in a gloss finish. The fan now resides in a child's nursery in Los Angeles, California. This particular fan has a factory cast iron 4" light fitter with original globe.

The Emerson type 35661 features include:

Dimensions- 10-11" Length x 10.5 diameter.
Cast Iron Frame and Motor Housing Construction.
Oil Bath Lubrication System Continuously Bathes the Motor Shaft in a Curtain of Oil.
Thrust Bearing Design is Immersed in Oil at All Times.
Available with the Original Factory Cast Iron Globe Fitter.
Classic Unique Six Blade Design.
Solid State Speed Control Allows for a Variety of Speeds.

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