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1911-16c. Emerson 32" Ornamental Antique Fan

1911-16c. Emerson Electric MFG. Company, St.Louis, MO., U.S.A., 32" Ornamental Antique Ceiling Fan

A unique and rarely seen model that Emerson produced is the Type 33661 oranmental ceiling fan. It is the predescessor to the 1920s Type 35661 that we carry in stock and is readily available for restoration. The rarer type 33661 had a shorter production run and featured the same ornamental design used on Emersons other ornamental ceiling fans introduced around 1902.

The size of the motor is of a smaller diameter being the same size as the 1902c. CF-14 two blade ceiling fan. The type 33661 features a six blade design of 32" diameter that was intended to be used anywhere that a direct breeze was needed. We often describe the later more prevalent Emerson 32" six-blade to our clients as a "desk fan for your ceiling". The Type 33661 can be described in the same manner.

Upon its introduction, Emerson Electric Company proclaimed in period literature that " This type of ceiling fan operates at a higher speed than the wide-sweep types and throws a stronger breeze directly under the fan". Period literature also proclaimed that " It is reported that small ceiling fans of this design have been extensively used in many sections fo the country to keep out insects and that where the fan is used the screen door is often abandoned" . Well, we are not sure about that claim, but these fans and their later sibling the type 35661, do move quite a bit air in a direct manner.

The fan featured in this showcase is one belonging to one of our client's. It is a family heirloom. It belonged to her Grandfather and has been in the family for many years. The fan hung for years undisturbed in a porch area in Louisianna. It had little attention over the years, but did receive a full coat of paint sometime early in life, possibly prior to the 1920s. Upon our examining the fan in our shop, we suggested that we might have a suprise waiting for us under the paint upon restoration. To our pleasant suprise, we were correct. The original copper oxide finish was nearly intact.

The fan has an incredible original finish that we have conserved and preserved. The original blades were nearly intact as well and they were correctly preserved for service. This seldom seen antique ceiling fan is without a doubt the nicest original example of this model that we have ever seen. This fan will now continue the heirloom tradition that was established so long ago by our client's grandfather. Its like family jewelry for their ceilings. We were proud to have a part in the process. Its what makes our business so worthwhile.

The type 33661 is not readily available for purchase. It exist in collections and by chance of purchase only. It is often said that everything is for sale for a price, so if you must have one, give us a call and we will see if we can locate one. Please contact us for availability of the 1911-16 Emerson Ornamental Antique Ceiling Fan.

Standard Features Include:

  • Dimensions- 9.5" length x 10.5" diameter
  • Cast Iron Frame and Motor Housing
  • Oil Bath Lubrication System Continuously Bathes the Motor Shaft in a Curtain of Oil
  • Thrust Bearing Design is Immersed in Oil at All Times
  • Beautiful Ornamental Styling, Rarely Seen Model.
  • Solid State Speed Control Allows for a Variety of Speeds
1911-16c. Emerson Electric MFG. Company, St.Louis, MO., U.S.A., 32" Ornamental Antique Ceiling Fan
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